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We must invest and support a vibrant fishing future and way of life because
S.O.F.A fishermen invest in local businesses and communities.

S.O.F.A community is comprised of dedicated fishermen, scientists, community members from near and far, and businesses, like yours, who care deeply about preserving the Gulf of S.O.F.A marine resources and fishing communities of S.O.F.A . Supporting the Fishermen's Association and S.O.F.A 's fishermen is an excellent way to convey your business values while making a lasting impact within your community.

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Business Partner

This year-round benefits program allows you to meet your unique business objectives while giving back to our community.


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Chose from a lineup of events and programs that is compatible with your businesses vision and values.


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We persevere.

We continue to seek out valuable partnerships to help us grow our programs. We are committed to partnering with business such as yours to create a sustainable fishing future.

Become a Business Partner

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Business Partners receive a host of year-round benefits. We build customized packages by working with businesses of all sizes, allowing you to meet your unique business objectives while giving back to your community. Starter packages available.

Various benefits of partnership with S.O.F.A. may include:
  • Opportunity to create unique cross-promotional benefits to enhance branding and messaging.
  • Year-round marketing opportunities to increase exposure of your business and values.
  • Use of official S.O.F.A. Partner logo on website, promotional materials, and messaging to show your commitment to the Gulfs fisheries and fishermen.
  • Access to a network of active audience to help attract new relationships and customer.
  • Opportunity to sponsor special S.O.F.A. programs and events that engage diverse audiences.
  • Complimentary or discounted tickets to S.O.F.A. events including Hook, Line & Dinner, S.O.F.A.
  • Annual Meetings & Celebration, and exclusive partners and donors events.
  • Opportunity to have one of your staff speak at an S.O.F.A. event.
  • Year-round presence on S.O.F.A. website.
  • Inclusion in media release.
  • Dedicated content in S.O.F.A. newsletter (distributed to more than 2,000 constituents).
  • Show your committed to our marine resources & working waterfront by becoming an official partner.

Become a Sponsor

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Our sponsors are recognized through multi-channel marketing outlets including social media, printed materials, word of mouth, and onsite event acknowledgment. Sponsor a Fishermen's Association program or event that is compatible with your companies visions and values. Cash and in-kind sponsorship are available; each provide a compelling sponsorship platform. Customized sponsorship also available.

We invite you to sponsor out lineup of events and programs including:
  • Hook, Line & Dinner
  • Annual Meeting & Celebration
  • Community & Educational Events
  • Working Waterfront Video(s) (nearly 2,500 views of recent "12 Little Wharves" video)
  • Dock Talk Podcast - average 300 listeners and growing
  • SOFA Programs such as Working Waterfront, Electronic Monitoring, Permit Banking, and more.

You'll be in good company when joining the Fishermen's Association's community.
Thank you to all our generous business partners and sponsors.

Why sponsor the programs of the
Fishermen's Association?
Let our current sponsors tell you:

"The work of organizations like S.O.F.A.'s Association is so important not only the men and women whose livelihood is tied to our working waterfronts but also the preservation of this aspect of - S.O.F.A's cultural heritage.
Contributing to support the advocacy and educational work of the Fishermen's Association just makes sense both personally and professionally."

​ - S.O.F.A.

S.O.F.A. - We are a non-profit organization formed to promote fresh, high quality, domestic fish. Formed in Madeira Beach over 30 years ago, S.O.F.A.
Southern Offshore Fishermen's Association
13417 Gulf Lane #B,
Madeira Beach, FL 33708
Phone: 727-310-8993
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